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Other Works

Other Works

These works are available for purchase or rental by contacting the composer through this website

Chamber and Solo Works

A Light Still Shines
Poem for Solo Piano

Chaccone for String Orchestra (2020)   c. 9 min.
Strings (multiple).
Score and parts available on rental

Concerto for Harpsichord and Chamber Orchestra (1998)   c. 22 min.
Fl., Ob., Clar., Hn. in F, Bsn., Strings.
Score and parts available on rental

Concertino for Organ and Chamber Orchestra (1995)   c. 13 min.
2 Fl., Cl. in A, Bass Cl., Bsn., Hn. in F, 2 Tpts., Tmb., Strings.
Score and parts available on rental

Concerto for Bassoon and Strings (2002)   c. 15 min.
Strings 1-1-1-1-1 (or multiple)
Score and parts available on rental

Into My Own (1992)  c. 4 min.
Solo Baritone, Piano
(poem of Robert Frost)

Magnificat (1993)  c. 9 min.
SATB Chorus, String Orchestra and Organ
Score and parts available on rental
Rituals for Winds (1998)   c. 14 min.
Wind Quintet
Score and parts available for sale
Three Walt Whitman Songs (1993)   c. 12 min.
(Songs of the Unknown Region)
Soprano Solo, String Quintet, Flute, Oboe and Bassoon
Score and parts available for sale
Sonata for Cello and Organ (2004)
Score available for sale
Sonata for Organ (1983)
Second Sonata for Organ (2001)
Score available for sale
Suite for Flute, Bassoon and Harp (1999)  c. 15 min.
Score and parts available for sale
Variations on a Kyrie (1995)
Concert work for organ duet
Score available for sale

Recent Compositions


Toccata on Regent Square, (Oxford Series)
(January 2023)

Prelude on Simple Gifts, (Oxford Series)
(February 2023)

Three Sacred Songs, For Soprano (Mezzo) and Organ
(June-July 2023, completed in Alet)

O Give Thanks Unto the Lord, SATB anthem with Organ
(July 2023, Alet)

Hommage à Fauré, Tone Poem for Men’s Voices, Solo Violin and Low Strings


Prelude on Assurance, for Solo Organ

Prelude on Melcombe, for Solo Organ

My Heart is Ready, SATB Anthem with organ

A Child is Born in Bethlehem, SATB Anthem with organ

Adam lay ybounden, SATB Anthem, unaccompanied

Prière, for Solo Organ


Impromptu, for Solo Organ

As God’s Chosen Ones, SATB Anthem with organ

Ubi Caritas, SATB Anthem with organ

A Scottish Blessing, SATB choir a cappella

Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Organ


Psalm 91, SATB Anthem with organ
Chaconne for String Orchestra
O Praise Ye the Lord,  SATB anthem with Organ, Brass Quintet and Timpani
alternate version, SATB with Organ (only)
Five Short Motets, SATB unaccompanied
A Hymn for Sunday
For anyone who is in Christ
From the rising of the sun
O God, creation’s secret force
Rejoicing in creation
Legend, Solo Bassoon and Organ


Benediction, SATB motet, unaccompanied
The Souls of the Righteous, SATB Anthem with organ
Six Seasonal Songs
Song Cycle for Mezzo Soprano or Soprano with Organ
Dancing Day, SATB Anthem/Carol with organ
It is Well, Solo Cello and Organ
based on the tune ‘Ville du Havre’

Unpublished Choral Works

Beloved, let us love (2008)
SATB anthem with cello and organ
God’s Grandeur (2009)
SATB anthem with organ
anonymous gift
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in D  (2003)
SATB canticles with organ
O Light Invisible (2003)
SATB motet, a capella
The Preces and Responses (A-flat)  (2002)
SATB, unaccompanied
Rune of Hospitality (2003)
SATB anthem, unaccompanied
Send forth your light (2002)
SATB anthem with organ, based on Psalm 43
Sweet Music, Heavenly Rare (2006)
SATB Motet, unaccompanied