Published Organ Works


Organ works (solo)


   Selah Publishing Co., 160-637

Archangel Suite (2011)

    Selah Publishing Co., 160-870

Exultate: A Liturgical Suite for Organ

    Selah Publishing Co., 160-683


    Selah Publishing Co., 160-640

Fantasia on the tune Finnian           

    Selah Publishing Co. (coming soon)

Fantasia on Sine Nomine                     

    Selah Publishing Co., 160-676

Fantasy Toccata (2002)                                  

    Selah Publishing Co., 160-868

Fantasy Torah Song (Yisrael V'oraita)

    Selah,  160-857

Fantasy: Terra Beata

    Paraclete Press, PPM00431

Festival Piece

   Selah Publishing Co.,  160-860

Fugue on the Carillon d’Alet

     Selah Publishing Co., 160-852

Glad Praises We Sing

    Selah,  160-814

    Four Preludes for Organ:

    Kremser, Hyfrydol, Nettleton, Engelberg

Joy to the World         

    Selah,  160-815

    Three Preludes for Christmas:

    Divinum Mysterium, Forest Green, Toccata on Antioch

O Love, How Deep         

    Morning Star Music Publishers, MSM 10-240

    Three Hymn Settings for Organ:

    Slane, Wer nur den lieben Gott, Deo Gracias

Ode and Salutation

    Selah,  160-876

Organ Music for the Seasons, Vol. 4

    Augsburg Fortress Press

    Prelude on Richmond

Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists: Vol. 1, Advent and Christmas

    Oxford University Press



    Psalm 42


Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists: Vol. 2, Epiphany

   Oxford University Press  


Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists: Vol. 3, Lent and Passiontide

   Oxford University Press  


    Were you there?

Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists: Vol. 4, Easter and Ascension

   Oxford University Press  

    King’s Weston

Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists: Vol. 5, Pentecost and Trinity

   Oxford University Press  

    Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr


Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists: Vol. 6, Autumn Festivals

   Oxford University Press  

    King’s Lynn

    Solid Rock

Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists: Vol. 7, Holy Communion

   Oxford University Press  

    Rendez à Dieu

    Union Seminary


    Selah, 160-631

Partita on Lobe den Herren

    Selah, 160-691

Partita on Nun Danket Alle Gott

    Selah, 160-602

Partita on Veni Creator Spritus

    Selah, 160-440

Petit Fugue

    Selah, 160-854

Prelude and Fugue on the Carillon d’Alet

    Prelude — Selah, 160-853

    Fugue — Selah, 160-852

Prelude on Victimae paschali

    Morning Star, MSM-10-513

    from Three Plainchants for Organ, ed. Lynn Trapp

Psalm Prelude

    Selah, 160-875

Rhapsody for Organ

    Selah.  160-683


    Selah.  160-876

Suite Breve

    Selah, 160-609

Song of Peace

    The Ss. Simon & Jude Organ Book

    Selah,  160-615

Three Sketches for Organ 

    Awakening — Midnight Dance —Fête                                   

    Selah, 160-812

Toccata on How Firm a Foundation                                    

    Selah, 160-655

Toccata on Hyfrydol                                      

    Selah, 160-675

Tribute (A lullaby for organ)

    Selah, 160-682

Triptych for Organ

    Morning Star, MSM-10-941

Trumpet Tune

    Morning Star Music Publishers, MSM-10-926

Wondrous Love

    Fred Bock Music Co.,  BG0945

    12 Preludes for Organ

    includes “Aria”

25 Harmonizations and Descants

    Selah,  160.731

    Volume XI of series

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Organ and Instruments

A Song Without Words for Cello and Organ

(In memory of my brother, Brooks Phillips)

    E. C. Schirmer, No. 6750


A Languedoc Landscape

for Organ, Brass Quintet and Timpani

    Full Score  160-910

    Organ Score   160-911

    Instrumental Parts   160-912

    Study Score  160-913

Five for Flute + Organ

  Selah, 160-936

  includes “Never Alone” from Scenes from a Gallery

March for Trumpet & Organ

    Selah, 160-970

Night Song for Oboe and Organ (or Harpsichord)

    Selah, 160-930

Pastorale and Dance for Bassoon and Organ

    Selah, 160-975

Prelude & Exultation, for Brass Quintet, Organ and Timpani           

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Full Score  160-985

    Organ Score   160-986

    Instrumental Parts   160-987

Scenes from a Gallery

    A Suite for Flute, Violin and Organ

    based on six works of modern art

    Selah, 160-900


Serenade for Horn and Organ

    Oxford University Press, 0-19-386763-X

Sojourn for Organ and Winds 

    (oboe, clarinet in B-flat, horn in F, bassoon)

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Organ Score  160-942

    Instrumental Parts  160-943

    Full Score  160-941

Suite for Organ Brass and Percussion

Prelude, Cantilene, Toccata

    Full Score  160-981

    Organ Score   160-982

    Instrumental Parts   160-983

    Study Score  160-981

Three Pastorale Scenes

    for Bassoon and Organ

    Selah Publishing Co.  

    Score and Parts  160-935

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Hymns for Organ, Brass Quintet & Timpani, Choir & Congregation

Adeste Fideles

O Come, All Ye Faithful

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Score & Parts  820-602


Joy to the World

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Score & Parts  820-601

Easter Hymn

Jesus Christ is Risen Today

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Score & Parts  820-609


Welcome, Happy Morning

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Score & Parts  820-605

Lauda Anima

Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Score & Parts  820-621

Lasst uns erfreuen

All Creatures of Our God and King

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Score & Parts  820-620


Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Score & Parts  820-603

Salve Feste Dies

Hail Thee, Festival Day

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Score & Parts  820-607


The Strife is O’er

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Score & Parts  820-606

Winchester Old

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night

    Selah Publishing Co.

    Score & Parts  820-604